Founded in 2015, IsoKlean® is dedicated to developing innovate cleaning and disinfection products and delivery methods for a healthier, safer environment – across all verticals.  With the launch of its EPA registered ISO-10 disinfectant, IsoKlean® is offering customers a unique product and method in addressing the old world of disinfection in a new way:  from traditional mop and bucket applications to low volume spraying applications covering all reachable surfaces.  Its premeasured product and easy to use application methods help to ensure a safer work place for employees and staff.  Headquartered in Norcross, Ga, IsoKlean® works closely with university laboratories in developing and testing new products for potential commercial use.

Testimonials From Our Customers

“After searching for 18 months, this system is by far the most practical, cost effective system I have seen.”

Director of EVS over major Health System

I was so impressed at the ease of application and the way the aerosol spray and ionic charge of the product during the process enables disinfection of previously difficult (or impossible) to reach areas. The greatest benefit was the result of the post-application swab results which assured me that my patients, physicians and staff were not being exposed to bio burden left on surfaces from the procedures we perform at the center.  I would recommend the use of this product to anyone in healthcare who is interested in superior Infection Control practices within their facility.

CNO of Endoscopy Clinic

“We’ve had great feedback from our Team, and even Guests have commented how they are much more confident touching equipment knowing we’re using this product.  I’m really impressed, and this stuff works!”

VP Asst. MGR of Major Las Vegas Casino and Hotel

“The ‘product’ showed to be effective in reducing colony forming units when applied electrostatically … and maintained a significant reduction in CFU’s for 5 days under the testing conditions”

Head of Infectious Disease, FL Hospital.