IsoKlean - Woman Owned Business

Founded in 2015, IsoKlean is a family and woman owned company. In-depth research over 5 years was conducted on multiple products through universities and independent labs prior to the development of ISO-10. Our team endeavors to create a healthy and safer environment for hospitals, schools and other local businesses to operate. 

IsoKlean is committed to providing new quality technology to the disinfection industry. New technologies under development include a patent pending electrostatic hand held applicator and a plug-in device to kill mosquitos using NO chemicals. 


The cleaning solution is a unique, proprietary blend of 3 EPA registered disinfectants. IsoKlean holds a patent for this powder formulation which includes Quaternary Ammonium, Urea & Trichloromelamine being mixed with water. IsoKlean produces the industry's first independent customer field studies displaying residual efficacy kill of more than 14 days. IsoKlean's unique disinfectant can be utilized through electrostatic spraying or traditional cleaning such as handheld spray bottles or mop & bucket.

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Advisory Board

  • Liz Blake
    • Liz is an active member of the Atlanta community and IsoKlean to ensure local, woman owned business represent emerging growth opportunity. Since retiring in 2014, Liz has remained active in volunteering for numerous organizations in addition to serving on boards including Emory & Children's Pediatric Institute, West Minster Schools and director of Green Brick Partners, Inc.
  • Craig Johnson, M.D.
    • Craig is a physician specializing in neuropsychiatry, sleep medicine, and hospice care. For over two decades, he has focused on complications of complex hospital and critical care. He is a consultant to the healthcare industry and in particular to companies focusing on hospital disinfection processes.
  • Randy Satterlee
    • Randy is CEO and founding member of IsoKlean. She maintains a consistent mission to help SMB & enterprise organizations improve quality of life. Randy maintains a career spanning over 40 years to deliver the highest quality products in disinfection manufacturing, cleaning innovation, and telecommunications.
  • Mark Feldlaufer
    • Dr. Feldlaufer is a revered expert in pesticide technology holding a Ph.D from UC-Davis Entomology program. Mark brings vast knowledge to IsoKlean in the company's endeavor to improve disinfection and pesticide management . Since retiring from the USDA-ARS, Dr. Feldlaufer has served in expertise for bed bugs with the EPA along with publishing over 100 articles on related subjects.