Frequently Asked Questions


What chemicals compose IsoKlean's Iso-10?

IsoKlean solution is composed of List-N disinfectants Quaternary Ammonium, Urea, Trichloromelamine. The is patented upon combining with water to enable active disinfection for approximately 14 days.

How long does IsoKlean actively protect?

IsoKlean is shown to be effective in delivering active protection for up to 14 days. Our team has implemented extensive independent field studies to evaluate the time period which product displays ongoing disinfection to kill bacteria, mold, viruses (including Covid-19*).

Is PPE recommended to wear while using IsoKlean?

IsoKlean does suggest wearing appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) depending on the environment being sprayed. This may include eye wear, mask or face covering; certain environments may call for gloves and/ or body covering depending on cleanliness of facility.

Can I pre-mix IsoKlean disinfectant to use at a later time?

Yes. IsoKlean is shown to keep product efficacy (aka; how long product remains viable for use) for nearly 90 days once being mixed with water. It is suggested that a user gently shake a sealed container holding IsoKlean disinfectant prior to use. The user may notice a top layer of foam is produced which indicates the patented solution remains active (and a small amount of chemical particles may subside to bottom of container).

May IsoKlean (Iso-10) disinfectant be used in any sprayer?

IsoKlean's unique disinfecting solution is able to be utilized in most commercial grade sprayers. Our team does suggest the use of an electrostatic sprayer, set to 40-micron output level. Each purchaser of our Iso-10 disinfectant receives a blend kit to ensure the appropriate consistency once adding to a sprayer. 

What are the appropriate steps in the event a sprayer clogs or sputters in mist/ thrust volume?

IsoKlean suggests the utilization of a filter in pouring the Iso-10 disinfectant into a sprayer liquid tank. In the event of clogging or sputtering, a user may fill warm water in to tank then power on sprayer until contents of tank are empty. This should clear the sprayer feed line of any particles.  

How long has IsoKlean been in business?

IsoKlean has maintained manufacturing capabilities since 2015. Our team is active in research & development to ensure the disinfectant product offering is delivering optimal results.