14 day Residual - Active Product Claim 

Unique Patented Solution

A cost effective, EPA approved formulation utilizing top List-N disinfectants. Product can be used with any electrostatic sprayer or fogger. Low volume output to delivery where cleaning is of critical importance.

  • Reduce labor execution costs

  • 360 degree electrostatic wrap around surface coverage

  • Fully disinfect areas in minutes (2 minutes* IsoKlean)

  • Patented & EPA Approved

Benefits of using the IsoKlean®:

  • No Wipe Required

  • Easily mix product & pour to any sprayer

  • IsoKlean water dissolvable product pouches

  • Medical grade disinfectant and deodorizer 

  • AOAC Compliant (Association of Official Agricultural Chemists)