The cleanliness of hotels at every star level is of paramount importance to the consumer and is not expected to vary between levels. Unfortunately, many surfaces are missed during traditional cleaning and are difficult to treat using current methods and time allotted.

The IsoKlean® System:

A cost effective, chemical formulation administered by a novel and advanced low volume delivery method, where cleaning is of critical importance.

  • Covers reachable surfaces in an average room in less than a minute, reaching areas missed during traditional daily cleaning (remote controllers, desk tops, telephones, counter tops, etc.)

  • Inhibits mold and mildew growth

  • Market and brand differentiator for improved cleanliness

  • Helps neutralizes unpleasant odors (including smoking and body odors)

Benefits of using the IsoKlean® System:

  • Multipurpose formulation cleaner and deodorizer

  • Premeasured packets reducing staff exposure to chemicals splash and reduces waste

  • Prolonged Shelf Life

  • Low pressure, low volume delivery that provides complete average sized hotel room coverage in less than 1 minute using our no wipe system

  • Reduces dust in rooms

Overall cleanliness is top priority for guests

The IsoKlean® System can help mitigate the risk of cross contamination and reduce molds and mildews using the combination of our patented chemistry which is applied with a unique applicator system to treat all surfaces including ones that are missed during room turnover.
Using the IsoKlean® system no longer requires the labor intensive work of wiping and cleaning copious surfaces in hopes of not missing one spot.  Maintain an exceptional level of protection for both your guest and staff.

How safe is your hotel?

  • Beat out your competition by exceeding customer expectations in providing cleaner rooms.

  • Provide optimum housekeeping with exceptional cleanliness. Offer additional value and comfort when you give your guests confidence that their rooms are clean.

  • Standardize your overall cleaning process. Improve your return on investment through repeat guest bookings by taking the extra step using the IsoKlean® system.