Have you ever received that dreaded notice about an outbreak in your school?  

If not, its only a matter of time before you will.

Cover an average classroom in less than one minute using our “no wipe” system.

The IsoKlean® System

  • A cost effective, chemical formulation administered by a novel and advanced low volume delivery method, where cleaning is of critical importance.

  • Covers reachable surfaces in an average room in less than a minute, reaching areas missed during traditional daily cleaning (under student desks, blackboards, book shelves, music rooms, gyms, computer keyboards, etc.)

  • Inhibits mold and mildew growth -Neutralizes unpleasant odors (body odors and more)

  • Market and brand differentiator for improved cleanliness

  • Ensure a safer environment for all:  students, staff, workers and parents.   Reduce the amount of sick days!

How Safe Is Your School?

Benefits of using the IsoKlean® System:

  • Using IsoKlean® no longer requires the labor intensive work of wiping and cleaning copious surfaces in hopes of not missing one spot.

  • Maintain an exceptional level of protection for your children, parents and staff

  • Easy to use:  Simply open the pouch, empty contents into container and add a gallon of water

  • Covers all reachable nooks and crannies quickly and easily

  • Parents- save your vacation days for vacation and not child sick days!