Industry leading electrostatic spray enables coverage to an area in No-Time!

We like to think the saying ‘It’s all is in the delivery’ is mostly accurate. Pair the awe-shocking benefits of a Positive Charge created by an electrostatic sprayer + the proprietary disinfecting power of IsoKlean and a unique source in gaining a fresh surface environment protecting your health.

How it works?

The electrostatic applicator (aka sprayer) distributes ‘positive’ ions that charge IsoKlean solution and send moisture particles to look for negative particles across any surface. Such a reaction causes the disinfectant ISO-10 solution to fully wrap around ANY surface or material n a complete 360 degree manner.

IsoKlean’s electrostatic spraying capability produces at a 40-Micron output rate (shhhh… most only advertise capability up to 10-Micron). The higher micron output level allows for ‘smaller’ droplets that require NO wiping NOR leave streaks. Positive electrostatic particles are disbursed affectively to combat negative surfaces without leaving residue; and therefore safe across surfaces including electronics, medical equipment, vehicles, kitchens, furniture or even glass. Check out our social media channels to gain a closer look.