Founded in 2015, IsoKlean ISO-10 is a proprietary blend of hospital grade disinfectants. This innovation strives to improve cleaning products used for sanitation and disinfection, delivering a healthier method safe for all environments. Our ISO-10 product is EPA registered as a disinfectant, virucide and fungicide.  It is now approved to be effective on emerging viral pathogens and is on List N.   

Key Elements Include:

  • 99.999% effective rate

  • Pre-measured pouches (blend + add water)

  • Low volume, high impact solution delivery

  • Dries swiftly upon surface contact

  • NO Wipe required following application

  • NO Streak left on glass surfaces

  • SAFE on any type of electronic

  • SAFE on any fabric type (ask about the chloride display test)

  • Promising live tests in eliminating presence of mold/ mildew

  • AOAC compliant