Less than 50% of room surfaces are adequately cleaned and disinfected when chemical germicides are used

  • Disinfection needs to be swift and effective to minimize turn-around time for players to have access to facilities.

  • Decrease fears among players and staff of cross contamination of MRSA, etc. by using the new generation of cleaning and sanitizing for your facilities.

  • With the use of IsoKlean® you will be able to help reduce odors with an odor neutral system verses the leading brands of air fresheners that can contain harmful chemicals

  • IsoKlean® is easy to transport and use in locker rooms that may not be up to your team’s cleaning standard.

  • IsoKlean® can also help players with allergies by decreasing molds, mildews and other allergens that may exist in your facility (mats, team equipment, therapy tables, masks, or in showers, lockers, gyms, etc.)

  • Using IsoKlean® no longer requires the labor intensive work of wiping and cleaning copious surfaces in hopes of not missing one spot.

  • Maintain an exceptional level of protection for both your coaches and players

  • Easy to use:  Simply open the pouch, empty contents into container and add a gallon of warm tap water

  • Covers all reachable surfaces quickly and easily